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About Us

Serving the people of South Berwick since 1964

The South Berwick Sewer District was formed in 1964 by an act of the Maine Legislature to operate a sanitary sewer system in the town of South Berwick.

Under its Charter, the mission of the Sewer District is to:

  • Provide for the health and well-being of the inhabitants of the Town of South Berwick within the limits of the proposed sewer district by the creation, maintenance and operation of a modern sewer system.
  • To ensure that all established environment standards are met with regard to sewage discharge into the Salmon Falls River.

The district has approximately 1200 members, 20 miles of sewer line, and a modern tertiary treatment plant.


Thomas Harmon – Administrator (tharmon@civcon.com)
Harold "Skip" Clough – Superintendent (sclough@sb-sd.org)
Rebecca Batchelder– Office Manager (bbatchelder@sb-sd.org)

Board of Trustees

Kevin Emery – Chairman (term expires March 2020)
James Flynn – Treasurer (term expires March 2022)
Paul Hussey Jr. – Clerk (term expires March 2022)
Jim Smith – Trustee (term expires March 2021)
Ken Holmes – Trustee (term expires March 2020)

District Meetings

Trustees meet at 7:00pm the first Monday of each month in the Town Council Chambers at the South Berwick Town Hall, 180 Main Street.